A Guide To Plan Your Outdoor Lighting Project

A Guide To Plan Your Outdoor Lighting Project

You must consider these three key factors before planning your outdoor lighting project. Read on!

An exterior lighting project’s goal does not have to be restricted to either the aesthetics or the house’s safety. You can achieve both by working with a landscape designer who can choose modern designs that complement your home style and add a security layer to your yards. Outdoor lighting is a rewarding experience for both the homeowner and the electrician. Placement of lights, enhancing security, and installation technique are the three main factors to consider when planning your outdoor lighting project. outdoor lighting

Placement Of Lights

Outdoor lighting allows a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors by placing required lights at appropriate places. Proper lighting for pathways and gardens is crucial for maintaining the backyards safe and functional. There are a variety of outdoor lighting options like:

Outdoor step lights to brighten the stairways,
Floor lamps to illuminate patios and front porch,
Landscape lights to decorate the gardens,
Wall lanterns at the front door to identify visitors,
Driveway lighting to highlight flower beds, and
Task lighting for outdoor dining areas.

Security Enhancement

Brightening the dark areas around your house will reduce the potential for any criminal activity. Floodlights and motion-detecting lights along the exterior walls can be a huge improvement to your home security system. Contemporary lights come with security features like photocell sensors that turn on automatically when sunlight is down. You can fix in-wall timers set to turn on from nightfall to early morning. Places, where it is difficult to extend electrical wirings, can make use of battery-operated lights. CFL bulbs and LED bulbs are more durable and do not need frequent replacements. Ensure that the outdoor lights are secured in the fixings so that no one can tamper with them easily.

Lighting Techniques

You can create a beautiful visual appeal by varying the light installation techniques. Lighting up pathways and gardens makes them safer and beautiful. The wall-wash lighting technique creates wide-area lighting with a low amount of light by placing the lights close to the house. To enhance the look of your stucco or brick walls, you can add the grazing technique. Another technique that can illuminate the trees and flagpoles around your house is the in-ground lighting technique. Adding depth and ambiance to the landscape through the shadowing technique will highlight the textures and the different plants in your garden.

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Illuminated Garden by LED Lighting. Backyard Garden at Night

Using the right outdoor lights can add beauty and dimension to your home. By placing them in the appropriate places, they can boost the security of your house too. Driveways and entryways are not the only places that need lighting. Mounted lights along the perimeters can eliminate dark hiding places and reduce potential threats. Landscape lights along the garden paths highlight your flower beds and provide safety for guests to guide them to walk on flat surfaces. You can use several lighting controls to adjust the level of brightness. Well-designed outdoor lighting can ward off intruders and give you peace of mind.

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